Pole Card

The Polish Card is a certificate of belonging to the Polish people. It confers a number of powers, thanks to which a person who does not legitimize Polish citizenship is treated in some respects in Poland on an equal footing with the citizens of that country. Having a Pole card, among other things, you do not need to apply for a work permit for a foreigner. Moreover, the Polish card partially entitles you to receive health care in Poland, study in Poland, as well as to conduct business in Poland on terms identical to those of Polish citizens.

Pole card – who can get it?

It should be emphasized that the Card of the Pole is not issued to everyone who applies for it. It is necessary to show a connection with Poland and attachment to Polishness. In addition, to receive a Pole card you need to use Polish fluently. The step before receiving the card is also to sign in the presence of the consul a declaration of belonging to the Polish People.

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