Change of employer

Foreigners residing in Poland for non-tourist purposes must have an appropriate permit, authorizing legal housing and the performance of official duties in the Republic. The employment of foreigners requires the employer to obtain a work permit for employees who do not have Polish citizenship. Normally, certain obligations lie with the employer even when he employs an alien who changes his place of employment, even though he was also in Poland.

Employment of foreigners with and without a visa

A change of employer by an alien may require a re-employment permit. In the event that a person without Polish citizenship has a valid visa authorising him or her to work legally, it is not necessary to apply for a new visa. If, on the other hand, the alien holds only temporary residence and work permits, it will be necessary to reapply for such an authorisation at the time when the alien will change jobs.

Employment of foreigners 2020 – employer's obligations

It is worth knowing, however, that hiring foreigners imposes certain obligations on the employer. This means that if the basis for staying in the Republic is a work permit, then a foreigner does not have to apply for a re-authorisation. On the other hand, the new employer of a foreigner, who should obtain a work permit for the alien and then enter into a written contract with him, is obliged to do so. The old employer, on the other hand, is guilty of settling with the employee. He should then return his copy of the contract to the relevant provincial office.

Responsibilities of the employee

If a foreigner residing in Poland has a uniform permit to stay and work in the Republic of Poland, he is obliged to contact the voivode him self- Both in case of loss and change of work. In case of loss of employment, the foreigner must inform the voivode within 15 working days. In the event of a change of job, an application for a single residence and work permit must be submitted within 30 days of the loss of the previous employment. The exception is to have a uniform permit for work in a temporary agency – then the permit can be changed and there is no need to apply for a new one.

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