Permanent residence permit in Poland

A permanent residence card is a document proving that an application for a permanent residence permit has been granted. Such a residence card is valid for a period of ten years, exactly the same as an ID card, which confirms the identity of Polish citizens. As with proof, the renewal of the residence card does not require re-application. Just replace the card with a new one. Thus, the extension of the residence card is in fact an exchange of a document, whereas an authorisation is in fact granted for an indefinite period.

The permanent residence card entitles the alien to live and work in Poland, without the need for additional permits. The residence card for the alien shall be issued by the Office for The Protection of Personal Data. foreigners, which is a branch of the Provincial Office.

Permanent residence card and travel abroad

Many people are interested in the issue of the residence card, and going abroad. Is it possible to cross borders freely with a permanent residence permit? As much as possible, as part of the possession of a permanent residence card, you can travel unhindered in the Schengen area. During each 180-day period, 90 days can be spent in countries other than Poland. It should be borne in mind, however, that being in another country may be of a tourist nature only, since a permanent residence permit in Poland does not authorise you to work in other EU or EEA countries.

Residence card – documents and new facilities

If you are interested in a residence card, the documents you will have to submit are: application, proof of payment of stamp duty, four current colour photographs and a photocopy of a valid travel document. They must be completed in Polish or translated by a sworn translator.

The 2020 Permanent Residence Card is awarded in exactly the same way as in previous years. Nevertheless, recently there have been some new facilities that were previously lacking. Currently, the status of the residence card can be conveniently checked online. When you are not told that your card is ready for collection, call the office and make an appointment to pick it up at a specific time. You can also make an appointment online.

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