Work permit for a foreigner

Depending on the form and working time in Poland, hiring foreigners requires obtaining slightly different work permits. A temporary residence and work permit is also marked with one of the letters of the alphabet. Permits A, B and C are the most commonly issued.

Formal extension of the work permit

If, as an employer, you intend to hire a foreigner, you are obliged to obtain an A-type work permit for him. Please note that this responsibility lies with you and not with the employee. A work permit for a foreigner is required for the employment of persons who are nationals of a country outside the European Union, the EEA area and Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Thus, for example, a work permit for a Ukrainian is necessary. Type A authorisation shall be issued for a limited period of time, depending on actual needs. However, this is never longer than 3 years.

Legalisation of residence by obtaining a Type B authorisation is necessary for the highest-ranked persons in the company structure. A work permit marked with the letter B is necessary for persons performing functions on the board of directors of the company. Moreover, obtaining them is also necessary for anyone who runs a limited partnership, provided that he has done so for at least 6 months during the last year.

When is a Type C authorisation necessary?

Legalization of the alien's stay by issuing a Type C permit is required for workers posted to work in Poland. You are responsible for this obligation if you operate outside the European Union, the EEA, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. At the same time, the employee you are delegating to work in Poland, in your company's facility, must have the nationality of a country outside the said region for the permit to be required. Obtaining a work permit for an alien in the case of posted workers is required if the period of stay in Poland during the year exceeds 30 days. However, a Type C permit is not needed if the alien's place of permanent residence remains abroad and he does not stay in Poland for more than 3 months during the year.

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