Family residence card

The residence card is a plastic form confirming the possibility of legal residence in Poland. An application that allows obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit should be submitted by family members of an alien who are already in the country or are planning to come to Poland. The permanent residence card may be granted to the spouse, minor child or his/her spouse. Formal issues may be addressed by a representative authorised by the applicant.

Temporary residence card – for how long?

The temporary residence card is granted for the period necessary to realize the reason for the stay of the alien and/or his family in Poland. The duration of the temporary residence permit varies from three months to three years. After the expiry of the period for which the residence permit has been granted, you can apply for it again. If the application concerns an alien staying abroad, a representative, such as our agency, may act on his behalf in the proceedings for authorisation.

Status of the case – residence card

The status of the residence card can be conveniently checked online. The online status residence card is a convenient solution to check at what stage we are interested in the procedure. Once the whole process is complete and you can pick up your card, you must make an appointment with the Foreign Office (a branch of the Provincial Office). This can be done by phone or online.

Residence card – documents

If our family is a national of any EU, EEA or Swiss country, you do not need to apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit. However, the residence card for the Ukrainian is already a necessary document. As regards the residence card and the documents to be submitted, they must be completed in Polish or translated by a sworn translator. The documents must include two copies of the application (in the case of foreigners under 13 years of age – one copy), a valid travel document, a confirmation of payment of stamp duty and four colour, up-to-date photographs.

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