Declaration of entrustment of work by the employer

Please note that the necessary work permit for the alien is issued at the initiative of the employer. One of the documents that he must submit is a declaration of entrustment of work. Depending on the nationality of the employee, the number of documents necessary for submission can be much greater. On the other hand, the employment of foreigners with Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan, Armenian, Georgian and Belarusian nationality makes it possible to permit the legal employment of foreigners on a simplified course.

Legalization of residence – declaration of entrustment of work by the employer

A declaration of entrustment of work by the employer can currently be issued only after the relevant application has been submitted via the Internet. Legalization of residence on the basis of a work permit can be obtained on the basis of both an application submitted by an alien and an employer (in the case where a foreigner changes jobs). Please note that a work permit for a Ukrainian, and of the persons with citizenship mentioned above, can be issued in a simplified manner.

Work permit for an alien

It is worth noting that various types of permits are entitled to work in Poland. Among them we will find an a-type permit and a type b permit. Type a is a permit issued to foreigners working in the territory of the Republic, on the basis of an agreement with an entity whose place of residence, branch, registered office, establishment or other organized activity is located in Poland. On the other hand, a type b permit is issued to foreigners who act as a legal person on the board of directors entered in the register of entrepreneurs or as a legal person on the board of a company that is a capital company in the organization. Legalization of the work of foreigners on the basis of permits type a and b, is always temporary. A type-authorisation shall be issued for a period of not more than three years and type b for a period of three years, unless the legal person employs more than 25 persons. In such a situation, the authorisation may be issued for a period of up to five years.

A temporary residence and work permit can be obtained by submitting an application together with a photocopy of a valid travel document, proof of payment of stamp duty, documents confirming the purpose of the stay (indicated in the application) and four up-to-date colour photographs.

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