Vander Elst Visa

The movement of workers within the EU's borders is the norm today. Sometimes posted workers are posted for a period of several weeks or months. If this applies to a foreign national employed in an EU country, you may be required to obtain appropriate documents, such as a Vander Elst visa, if you are posting a foreigner to Germany. Obtaining a Vander Elst visa for the employee requires a bit of effort and careful completion of the formalities, so we recommend that you order the task to the professionals.

Vander Elst visa – how do I get it?

In order to obtain a Vander Elst visa, that is to say, in simple terms, an authorisation to post a worker from a third country to work in Germany, an application must be submitted. You must do this in the relevant section of the German Embassy in Warsaw, in person, after booking the appointment in advance. It is not possible to do this electronically, by post or in person at a consulate in another city. In addition, the application must be accompanied by the originals together with 2 copies of several documents and a fee of EUR 75. If the application is rejected, the fee is not refunded, so it is worth ensuring all formalities.

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